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April 06, 2020 Zach C.

This is a really short post about a really great resource.

One thing that always gets me when thinking about how our faith is how there are so many other people around the world and throughout history who have been navigating the vary same faith that you and I try to understand and live out everyday. That is a beautiful thing.

That being said, we have to use our own critical thinking and knowledge of the scriptures when we encounter the thought of others. The internet is filled with bad theology, whacky preachers, and conspiratorial exegetes who can hurt our faith more than they help.

But today I want to point to a wellspring of help when it comes to digging into the Bible. The guys over at the Bible Project do incredible work explaining and animating God’s story to better connect it to our story so we can know Jesus more. So, this week, if you feel like some kind of media binge, skip Netflix and Disney+ and jump right to these guys. I’d love to know which videos you watched. I’ve seen plenty of them but its always cool to hear other’s recommendations.

Follow this link to dive right in and enjoy –>

Zach C.

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