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April 01, 2020 Zach C.

Hey all, Zach here.

I just wanted to reflect for a second on the power of encouragement. I’m not an expert on the psychology of it and I don’t have any Greek or Hebrew words to share with you today, but I do have some experience. Last week was a hard week here at LUMC. The news about Vic being hospitalized hit us all pretty hard and required some fast adjustments we had not planned for. On top of that, everyday stressors are amplified by isolation and loss of routine.

On Sunday, I came out pretty honest in my sermon. COVID-19 sucks. The whole situation is not what I want right now but I’m trying to make the most of it. One thing that was really helpful was the outpouring of encouragement that the PMT and I received following the Friday prayer vigil and the Sunday service. I personally received lots of text messages thanking me for the sermon and also emails to the whole team thanking us for the whole service.

These small digital gestures are a huge encouragement to each of us on the PMT and we are thankful that we are still able to connect with folks through the digital platforms we have available. And if I could take it a step further, I want to affirm each of you who are sending encouraging words and call out the gift that is in you to share words of encouragement in hard times. You guys are amazing. Not to make the situation sound extremely dire or anything but you are exemplifying being a light in a dark place or maybe a dark time. Either way, your words are appreciated.

We all have the power to brighten someone’s day with a note of encouragement a phone call or an email. Encouragement is something so many people desperately need but that so many rarely get. I do feel blessed by your encouragement today and I hope I can pass it on and that you find ways to keep up the good work church!

With love and thanks.

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