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March 31, 2020 Zach C.

Hey all! Zach here!

Looking for some interesting podcasts in this extended time of quiet? I have got you covered my friends! I like to listen to podcasts while I walk or do chores. They give me new things to think about and sometimes just serve as the perfect background noise in a chaotic day.

Below you will find a hearty list of 10 podcasts which you can download or stream in the iTunes app on your phone or computer. Google Play and Spotify also have podcasts but personally I am an iPhone user and only have experience on the iTunes platform.

Note: I will place an (e) next to any selections that may contain profanity. You can also see this indicated next to any podcast in iTunes.

  • The Robcast – Rob Bell is a former Michigan Pastor now living in California as an author and speaker. He is thoughtful and thought provoking. I have enjoyed many of his books and I find his podcasts to be excellent. Lots of them are great but there’s a mini-series called Jesus H. Christ that starts at episode 102 that I’m sure will be interesting for you. Also special mention for Episode 80 – The Endless Invitation.
  • New Time Religion – Professor Andrew Root discusses faith in a post-modern and disenchanted world. He focuses quite often on teenagers and young people but has lots to say for the whole church.
  • The Bible for Normal People – A great podcast with a great Bible scholar and teacher. I would just start at episode 1 and fasten your seatbelt.
  • 99% Invisible – This is a totally awesome podcast about architecture and the world around us, the 99% that we don’t see. Design, process, deep thoughts on everyday things. Some of my favorite episodes are #332 The Accidental Room, #247 Usonia the Beautiful, and #352 Uptown Squirrel. Oh and also, one of the greatest podcasts I’ve ever listened to (twice!) is #389 Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out.
  • Over It and On with It – Hosted by Christine Hassler, life coach and depression beater, this podcast is made up of conversations between Hassler and callers who are trying to get over emotional, spiritual, or relational hurdles. I find her insights interesting but don’t endorse all of her recommendations.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience (e) – Definitely likely to run into some swearing and mature content on this podcast. The format is long form conversation with experts in a wide range of fields. Some episodes I would definitely recommend would be #1439 Michael Osterholm (Osterholm is an infectious diseases expert and discusses COVID-19 with Joe), #1419 Daryl Davis (Davis is a man we’ve heard about in sermons here at LUMC; a black blues musician who has made it his life’s work to help KKK members get out of the Klan), #1325 Dr. Cornel West (Dr. West is a professor and critic of neo-liberalism and a deep thinker on matters of life and the Christian faith), and #1368 Edward Snowden (Snowden is an American whistleblower and intelligence expert who has a lot to say about making tough decisions in the face of adversity).
  • 1619 – This is a podcast about the history of Africans in America. It is produced by the New York Times and is very engaging. The stories are challenging but worth listening to.
  • Thunder Bay – This is quite the series about a single Ontario town. I think this is such a well produced podcast and it highlights excellent Canadian journalism. The same producers also have a show called Crude that is all about the Canadian oil industry. Juicy stuff.
  • Finding Fred – I haven’t heard it yet but I’ve got 10 episodes ready to go. I think they’re tracking down Mr. Rogers!
  • Office Ladies – If you love the hit show The Office, starring Dwight Shrute, then you’ll love office ladies where Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey talk about behind the scenes details of every episode of The Office. This one is for the geeks.

Well that should get you started on your audio adventures. I’d be interested to hear about the podcasts you’re listening to and if there’s any good ones I haven’t heard.

All the best!

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